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Beth Car Baptist Church

About Us

Why visit Beth Car?

Our Vision

Our vision is to live and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by encouraging others with hope, nurturing lives with love, strengthening people through care, and changing lives by sharing the Grace available through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Mission

We at Beth Car understand our life together as a family unified in the Spirit of Christ, who share in our pilgrimage and our ministry both inward and outward.

It is our conviction that our pilgrimage is an ongoing journey in understanding our communion with God and one another. It is a complex journey of faith in the midst of life’s joys and sorrows, victories and struggles, to become more Christ-like. Together we seek by God’s grace to provide each other with the love and acceptance that will promote the discovery of our Christian freedom, gifts, and the abundant life in Christ. Together we seek to respond to God’s love through worship, Bible study, personal growth, personal experiences, and fellowship.

We at Beth Car also attempt to recognize our call to a shared ministry to the community and world around us. Every member of our family comes with their own unique gifts to be shared in ministry. A part of our task is to call forth the gifts that are present in one another, and provide mutual support in the experiencing of these gifts. The goal of our ministry is to share God’s love and grace with one another and through one another.



In the beginning…..excerpts from minutes of the Baptist Church of Christ at the Robinson River, Criglersville, Virginia…”The petition of Brother Michael Yeager for letters of dismissal to form a new Constitution at Beth Car Meeting House was granted and 57 members were dismissed by letter to form a new church under the guidance of Elder Oliver Welch.”

~ John Fishback, Clerk
August 2, 1823

Records show the following members were dismissed by letter to form Beth Car Baptist Church: Elizabeth Blankenbaker, Absolum Carpenter, Ann Carpenter, Sarah Carpenter, Amey CLore, Ephriam Clore, Frances Clore, Judith Clore, Margaret Clore, Moses CLores, Thoda Clore, Tabatha CLore, Frances Crow, James W. Crow, Abner Deer, Polly Delph, Anna Fishback, Elizabeth Fishback, John Fishback, Edward Graves, Celesta Henry, Elizabeth Henry, George Mezingo, George W. Sims, Elizabeth Snyder, Simson Utz, John Weaver, Jr., Lucy Weaver, Sarah Weaver, Elizabeth Wright, Alfred M. Yeager, Martha Yeager, Michael Yeager. There were also 19 slaves listed by first name, along with the first members: Lucy, Edmund, Tandy, Stephen, Alpha, Mima, Betty, Squire, Tom and Aaron, Tom, Sarah, Ann, Charles, Chaney, Lucy, Rueben, Elizabeth and Henry.

Hiram Yeager gave land (.333 acres) for the church for the sum of $1.00 on May 25, 1855. It was given to the Trustee of Regular Baptist Church or Congregation at Madison Courthouse, Willie F. Foushee, Michael H. Gaar, George A. Harrison, Robert A. Jackson, and James G. Murray and can be found in Deed Book 22, at Page 240.

~ Information compiled by Sarah Jane Gibbs
Heritage Committee
October 2003



The government of this church is vested in the body of believers who compose it. It is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body, but it recognizes and sustains the obligations of mutual counsel and cooperation, which are common among Baptist Churches.

This church shall be affiliated with the Shiloh Baptist Association, the Baptist General Association of Virginia, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Southern Baptist Convention and other Baptist bodies as the church chooses, as long as her complete autonomy can be preserved.

We subscribe to the 1963 "Baptist Faith and Message Statement".


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